Mean Green Machine

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x3 Ancient Boar
x3 Ruunin's Command
x3 Breath of Life
x3 Ruunin's Avenger
x3 Grove Guardian
x3 Verduran Force
x3 Vine Wall
x3 Thyrian Golem
x3 Tiki Caretaker
x3 Falcon Dive

Looking for a good mid-range deck Deck that can withstand heavy aggression, heal itself and come back to win the game? Trouble with removal decks?
Here's the deck for you!

Not only is it great at dealing with Yellow rush, it can stand toe-to-toe against any mid-range or late game deck as well, as long as you play it in a very specific way.

This is the deck I was playing on stream today with relatively good results on the high ladder. It has no legendaries! Twelve giant, beefy creatures to help you weather the incoming storm of Last Nightmares and Azarai, as well as delay rushes with taunts including Vine Wall - a card that synergizes well with your later Thyrian Golems.

How to play:

Your starting hand can vary. Against aggro, look for Vine Walls and Verduran Forces. Sit back and defend your orb, harvesting from your own Faeria wells when you can afford to. If you draw Breaths of Life, make sure not to use them until you've taken Orb damage. While defending, find opportunities to push your land out toward the enemy orb. Drop a Verduran Force or other beefy creature next to their orb once you have your defenses established, and you've won the game against aggro.

Against ANY other deck that sits back and defends: Do not try and harvest from your own Faeria wells. This deck is not designed to sit back and harvest against turtling decks. Pretend you are a Rush deck. You want a Verduran Force in your starting hand if at all possible. If you see your opponent is going for economy, rush toward their orb with double basic lands, and find a nice place to drop a big beefy creature in their face. Compete for THEIR Faeria Wells, while hitting them in the Orb when you've got some breathing room. Breath's of Life serve no purpose in these games, so use them as soon as possible to cycle your deck and find the cards you really need. Win the game quickly! Remember to count Last Nightmares and Azarai's. Once all 4 of those are gone, there is little most decks can do against your mean, green machines.


General Data

  • Cards30
  • Mana3.4
  • Attack2.5
  • Health3.8
  • Main ColorGreen
  • Memoria Cost960


  • Creature18
  • Event9
  • Structure3


  • Common12
  • Rare9
  • Epic9


  • Green27
  • Generic3

Cards with lands

  • Green27

Max land cost

  • Green2

Average land cost

  • Green2.67