buffs buffs buffs (blue/green)

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x3 Rainforest Ambassador
x3 Tiki Caretaker
x2 Elderwood Embrace
x1 Eredon, Voice of All
x3 Ruunin's Command
x1 Aurora, Myth Maker
x3 Water Elemental
x2 Frogify
x3 Ninja Toad
x3 Mirror Phantasm
x3 Triton Warrior
x3 Lore Thief

It's all about getting control in the early game (for which I had to put in Water Elemental 3 times) and afterwards you let jump in your Toads buffed by the Greens.

Frogify and Mirror Phantasm are the security cards or offensively to get away the taunts or defensively to weaken their big monsters.

Eredon is on a test in this deck. But this card is great if you draw it around round 5/6 - after you placed some coloured fields yet - to get all your monsters in the deck bigger :)

For all the various fields I gotta place, I put in Rainforessed ambassador to have a 4-6 card later on for just 4 faeria which can be spawned on every of my fields.

I'm honestly thankful for every hint which could get this deck better.
Feel free to test it ;)


General Data

  • Cards30
  • Mana3.73
  • Attack1.93
  • Health1.93
  • Main ColorBlue
  • Memoria Cost1350


  • Creature23
  • Event7


  • Common14
  • Rare8
  • Epic6
  • Legendary2


  • Blue18
  • Green9
  • Generic3

Cards with lands

  • Green9
  • Blue18

Max land cost

  • Green2
  • Blue2

Average land cost

  • Green2.11
  • Blue2.17